Ted Williams Bespoke Tailoring

Established 1948

Introducing "Streamline", our all new bespoke production

Over the past seventy years our company has evolved to meet the demands of a new generation. "Streamline" is just another part of that evolution.

"Streamline" is a real alternative to our "Traditional" bespoke production. It allows you to make all the usual choices, personalising your garments without surcharge, and to avail yourself of a truly bespoke suit, made to measure at a highly competitive price.

When time is tight "Streamline" may be the answer. Our lead time is just eight weeks, compared to twelve for "Traditional" bespoke, and there's also an option to fast-track your order (extra charge) reducing the lead time even further.

How it works

By using a comprehensive range of measure models, developed from our pattern, we're able to fit you accurately at the point of order. We then adapt the size matrix to produce an advanced fitting without the need of a re-cut. This scientific and streamlined method of production, in combination with our many years of experience, produces great results, saving time and money.

After the advanced fitting your garments are completed in our own workroom, alongside the "Traditional" bespoke.

The cost

Prices start from as low as £695 for a two-piece suit, with the average price being around £800. A "Streamline" bespoke sports jacket could cost as little as £495.