Ted Williams Bespoke Tailoring

Established 1948

Bespoke Tailoring

Ted Williams (Sheffield) Ltd was established in 1948. Over the last seventy years our reputation has grown and word has spread. We are proud to be known as the area's premier bespoke tailors and pleased to say that our client base now extends throughout the U.K. and abroad.

If you’re considering a bespoke (made to order) tailored suit, the following information could be of interest.

In Spring/Summer 2019 the average price of a bespoke tailored two-piece suit, made-to-measure, is around £1000. Prices range from as little as £875 with the cloth you choose being the main influencing factor.

We can accommodate most styles at little or no extra cost.... but size matters! If your chest/waist/hip measurement exceeds 47", the cost of production increases and this has an impact on the price you pay.

Once we’ve spent a few minutes discussing your purchase and its intended use, we can recommend the most suitable qualities of cloth. If you’re buying a suit primarily for work you’ll probably want a hard wearing cloth. Perhaps the suit is for business travel? In this case, a light weight, crease resistant cloth would be preferable: It's worth noting that many of the more expensive "luxury" cloths are often out-performed by reasonably priced alternatives.  

When you’ve selected a cloth and the colour of your lining, we will discuss the many style and make options before taking a full set of measurements. The whole process of choosing a cloth, lining, discussing style and measuring, usually takes around an hour.

After your initial visit we'll need at least two further meetings in order to fit your garments. These appointments should take no longer than fifteen minutes.

Our lead time for bespoke tailoring varies. We are very busy at present so you need to allow about 12 weeks to completion.
If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to call either Steve or Ian on 0114 2584244.